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Stef is a stunning doodle puppy!  She is our daughter's fav (although even she says it is hard to play favorites with this litter).  She loves her beauty sleep and human snuggles. She is an F2b standard goldendoodle, has a wavy light cream (almost white) coat and she should weigh 50-70 lbs.  She was born 3/6/24 and will be ready after 5/1.


  • Our pups' parents are our doods and are DNA-tested for both health and genetics.  Embark DNA reports are available.  Our pups are vetted by a licensed veterinarian from the moment they are born.  Dew claws were removed at 48 hours of birth, and immunizations are administered by our veterinarian beginning on week 5, then every other week after that until old enough to obtain rabies vaccine.  They will be wormed at 7 weeks and then at the vet's discretion thereafter.  Immunization/health records will be provided in the pups "to-go" bag.  We begin early neurological stimulation during week 1, pottty-training at week 5. The pups are raised in our home with mom and dad and are well-socialized not only with humans, but other dogs and cats as well.  Nutrition is very important for all little ones, and we spare no expense when it comes to this!  Goat milk and and only vet recommended, high quality puppy food for both mom and babies.   

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