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Skye Promise

The Skye Goldendoodle Guarantee

Skye Promise: Testimonials

Skye Guarantee

  • Skye Goldendoodle puppies come with a 2 year limited genetic health guarantee**. If your Skye Goldendoodle puppy becomes ill and/or dies of a birth defect within his or her first two years of life, we will provide a replacement puppy.

  • Buyers must have their Skye Goldendoodle puppy examined by a licensed, reputable veterinarian of your choice within three (3) days of purchasing a Skye Goldendoodle puppy. If the veterinarian believes the puppy has any physical or genetic issue considered to be life-threatening, it is incumbent upon the buyer to contact/inform Skye Goldendoodles within that 3-day window. 

  • The puppy must then be returned to Skye Goldendoodles within (7) seven days of purchaseWe will provide you with a replacement puppy. If there are no Skye Goldendoodle puppies available, one will be provided from the next available litter. 

  • Buyers MUST provide a signed statement regarding the vet's findings, including the date of examination and an explanation of the physical or genetic symptoms supporting the veterinarian's professional opinion.

** The 2-year health guarantee is null and void if a Skye Goldendoodle puppy is not under direct care of a licensed, reputable veterinarian, if there is a lapse in immunization schedules, and/or if the buyer fails to maintain general preventative care.

Vaccinations & Wellness

  • Initial health & wellness check with our family's licensed, reputable veterinarian upon birth​



  • Dew claw removal within 72 hours from birth



  • Initial dose of wormer administered at 7 weeks of age & repeated every 2 weeks thereafter



  • Health & wellness check plus immunizations at 5 weeks, 7 weeks, and 9 weeks​​


  • Complete health records including vaccine lot numbers provided by veterinarian 



  • Daily socialization with dogs, cats, adults, and children



  • Early Neurological Stimulation begins Week 1 and Potty-training begins in Week 5 after immunizatio​ns

Shipping & Delivery Information

  • Skye Goldendoodles will ship your precious puppy to any major airport at the buyer's expense. Shipping costs will be included in the final purchase price. Average shipping costs in the continental United States vary, but most major airlines charge fees of around $300.

  • A certification of health will be provided by the puppy's licensed veterinarian prior to shipping. While the benefits outweigh the risks and crate shipping is generally a safe, effective mode to unite a family with its newest member, it is not uncommon for puppies to be exposed to coccidiosis or giardia during shipping. This exposure is beyond the control of Skye Goldendoodles.

  • The buyer assumes all responsibility and/or liability for the puppy's welfare during transit.

  • Skye Goldendoodles will also provide delivery services within a 200-mile radius, weather permitting. All payment, including .50 per mile round-trip, must be remitted prior to delivery. Payment options include PayPal, credit, and/or debit card. A personal check will require bank clearance prior to puppy delivery date.

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